About the Nothing Store

As Obama and crew print and borrow more and more money, the U.S. dollar faces an uncertain future.

But three cheers for our Unmighty Dollars -- print as many as you like. They're already worth Nothing, so they can't go down in value.

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The Nothing Store issues new currency weekly.

Counterfeiting Instructions:

Click on a denomination above, print the bills, cut them out, and stuff in an envelope. Send to your congressman or senator marked as a CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION. They'll get the message! For the address of your congressman, click here for senators and here for representatives.

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Print and sign this certificate to join the thousands who have gotten exemptions from government medicine.

Mail it to:
Friends of Barry Obama
Department of Health Security
Orwell Division
K Street Lobbying Building
Washington, D.C., 20202.

And no cheating, all you free-market and personal-responsibility types. The Health Police know who you are.